Fleur De Cuisine

Fleur De Cuisine is one of Loudoun’s premier companies that focuses on bringing the restaurant experience to your home. We are a full service catering company, that provides options not only for exquisite food, but decor, event rentals, and logistics.

Founded by Natalie Ramos in 2018. Her successful career spans over fifteen years as a personal chef, event and catering manager, food and beverage director and concierge service. Chef Ramos has always been inspired by her family’s cooking and life experiences.  Her diversity and years of experience surrounding many cultures can be tasted throughout each dish that she makes with love.  Her skills are highly recognized and respected while being featured in several magazines to include; Food and Beverage Director and Food Management Magazine.

She realized the opportunity to establish a central online destination offering the unique advantage of employing chefs in addition to bringing culinary satisfaction through meal planning, chefs on demand, private culinary classes and events, catering execution, rentals and decor.  She focuses on the logistics while you focus on making the memories.


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